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Terms of use

By using the gamingpost.net site you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree with these terms, please remember that you are not authorized to use this site.

The copyright for materials on gamingpost.net is protected by the current legislation of Ukraine. Reprinting, copying, reproduction or other use of copyrighted materials from gamingpost.net is prohibited without the prior written permission of the administration of gamingpost.net, except for the cases mentioned below:

- distribution of materials from the gamingpost.net website on the Internet can be carried out only if there is a direct hyperlink open for search engines to the page of the copied material from gamingpost.net not lower than the second paragraph of the text;
- in case of partial citing of materials from gamingpost.net in television or radio programs, an oral link to gamingpost.net is required;
- browsing the gamingpost.net website and transferring its content to paper is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use.

Any use of photos posted on gamingpost.net is prohibited. If it is necessary to use photos, users are required to obtain written permission from the administration of the gamingpost.net site in advance to use such materials on a paid basis.

gamingpost.net does not guarantee that certain web pages will be permanently available and free from errors. The administration of gamingpost.net has the right to change materials, their content and stop access to them at any time.

Information posted on gamingpost.net in places designated for advertising materials or posted on gamingpost.net under the headings "Advertising", "Official", "Company news", "Note to the consumer", "Initiative", "Press release"," Industry news"and also marked with a specific icon, are published as advertising and belong to third parties. The administration of the gamingpost.net website is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the advertising materials. The administration of the gamingpost.net website is not responsible for any direct, indirect, actual or indirect losses, lost profits, temporary cessation of activities resulting from the use or inability to use the advertisements described on the site.

The administration of gamingpost.net may post links to other sites that are owned or operated by third parties. When navigating to such third-party sites, users must read and agree to the terms of use of these sites before using the materials available on them. gamingpost.net does not control the content of such sites and is not responsible for the content of materials created and published on third party sites. In addition, a link to a third-party site does not imply that the administration of the gamingpost.net site maintains such a third-party site, offers products or services specified on it.

By submitting your materials for possible publication on gamingpost.net, you acknowledge and warrant that the materials will not contain viruses or other programs that distort or destroy information. By submitting your materials to gamingpost.net, you confirm and warrant that you own all the rights to the materials and have the unlimited right to provide them to the administration of gamingpost.net. The gamingpost.net site has the right to publish such materials, and you undertake not to bring any claims or lawsuits against the administration of gamingpost.net in relation to the materials provided by you, and you guarantee the administration of the gamingpost.net site compensation for damage if any third parties bring a claim against gamingpost.net in connection with the materials you provide.

The administration of the gamingpost.net site does not verify the information posted by users on the gamingpost.net site under their nicknames in the form of comments. The administration of gamingpost.net is not responsible for the content of such information and has the right at any time at its sole discretion to delete the information posted by users.