Dnipro hotel will not become a cyberhotel, but a casino

Applications for the trade marks "Dnipro Casino" and "Casino Dnipro" were submitted at the end of October by the private joint-stock company "Hotel Dnepr". Alexander Kokhanovsky, a representative of the hotel's investors, says they are considering 5 applications to open a casino.

“Almost immediately after the purchase of the hotel, IP trolling began, associated with the legalization of the gambling market in Ukraine. We have already received five offers to open a casino. So we decided to apply for registration of this trademark. Now we see this problem in other sectors, where there may be adjacent intersections. So this is not the last TM that we have registered, ” comments Kokhanovsky.

Note that on July 15, the Dnipro hotel was sold at an auction for 1.11 billion hryvnas. The buyer at the auction was Smartland LLC. Earlier, Alexander Kokhanovsky, one of the founders of the NaVi esports team, announced other plans for the hotel: “We will turn it into the first hotel in the world fully prepared for e-sports events”.

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