Deputies complain of thousands of amendments to the gambling bill

At first, the Verkhovna Rada unanimously accepted in the first reading an absolutely ridiculous, crude and clearly lobbying bill on the legalization of the gambling business, and then they complain that thousands of amendments have come to them. It seems that this mediocre attitude towards passing laws has not changed.

In any case, this follows from the statement of the deputy chairman of the “Sluga Naroda” faction in parliament, Yevgenia Kravchuk.

"The work of the parliament is paralyzed for several months. All this time we will be considering thousands of amendments to the land law, most of which are actually correctional spam. And, apparently, our opponents plan to actively use this instrument of blocking the work of parliament in the future. About 3500 amendments have been submitted to the bill on the legalization of the gambling business. We expect the same for the bill on the media. Thus, the regulation turns into a tool for blocking legislative initiatives, which some politicians use to serve their own political interests," said the deputy from “Sluga Naroda”.

At the same time, in the bill on gambling business, a significant part of the amendments came from political party “Sluga Naroda”. Maybe they should write a high quality document from the very beginning, so as not to blame themselves later?

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