Cryptocurrency legacy of poker players: how to get the bankrolls of the deceased?

Americas Cardroom launched the Bankroll Beneficiaries Initiative. It was created to support the families of deceased players. The idea is the brainchild of Winning Poker Network CEO Phil Nagy, who he called "the best thing ever planned."

WPN and Nagy hope that their clients will never have to suffer losses again. The program will be launched on June 30th. From this point on, players will be able to link their accounts with the cryptocurrency wallet of a loved one. The bankroll amount will be automatically converted and converted into cryptocurrency. This allows the recipient to log out of the player's account in the event of his unexpected death.

The idea may sound grim, but it makes sense. Each player registers on the site and ties his bankroll to a cryptocurrency wallet. If misfortune happens to a player, close people get access to the remaining bankroll. The project allows friends and family to access funds with the permission of the deceased, relieve inheritance problems, or even help ease the pain of losing a loved one.

The program does not require confirmation that something bad has happened. Americas Cardroom will wait 12 months with no account activity and then distribute the remaining bankroll among recipients' cryptocurrency accounts. This is new to the online gaming and poker community, but common in the financial world.

The user can assign assets to be automatically sent to the beneficiary at brokerage firms and exchanges if he is no longer logged into his account. Americas Cardroom is one of the first poker sites to use Bitcoin as an alternative form of payment.


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