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The collapse of offline lotteries around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic

There is a noticeable drop in sales in the land lottery market due to the global situation. 
  • 2020-10-12 13:48:44
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Growing land lottery markets in South America, China and India are now being hit by the spread of COVID-19, with sales down 43.3% year-on-year. A similar picture is expected in other markets.

The North American market was also under hit. So revenue in Massachusetts fell by $1.3 million, and in Arkansas - by $3.6 million. Ohio plans to close all land-based lottery terminals located in grocery stores. Well-known operators Loto-Quebec and OLG have already completely stopped all their ground operations.

This significant drop in revenues will ultimately affect public sector organizations whose funding depended on revenues from the gambling sector.

However, the market for online lottery operators is growing rapidly at this time. Spinola Gaming CEO Ade Repchenko states:

"Third-party online operators in these circumstances are a real threat to the offline market. Clients of land operators can simply change their habits and stay in the online segment in the future."

As a solution to the situation, Spinola Gaming has already developed several helpful webinars on how the land market can go online and increase its competitiveness.




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