Cards without kings, queens and jacks. Gender neutral deck created in Europe

23-year-old Indy Mellink from the small town of Oegstgeest in the Netherlands has created a deck of cards without kings, queens and jacks. Reported by Reuters. The girl tells - she explained the rules of the card game to her cousins. And she caught herself wondering: why is the king dearer than the queen?

Then Indy Mellink, a graduate of the Faculty of Forensic Psychology, took the liberty of destroying the centuries-old tradition of card decks and created her own.

“If we have such a hierarchy that the king is worth more than the queen, then even such a small inequality affects people in their daily life. It's just another way of saying, "You are less important," - said Indy Mellink.

The girl worked for a long time before she managed to create a sexless deck. In it, the traditional images of the king, queen and jack were replaced with gold, silver and bronze. She called the deck so - GSB, from English Gold, Silver, Bronze. Instead of monarchs in beautiful robes, there are gold bars, silver coins and bronze shields on the decks.

Indy Mellink started selling her first decks on the Internet. In a few months, more than 1,500 decks were sold - they were taken to Belgium, Germany, France and the USA. The girl says that even specialized game stores are interested in her deck.

The Indy deck was also played by the head of the Netherlands Bridge Association Berit van Dobbenburg. It would be difficult to make a formal transition, she said, as it would require updating the rules. “I wonder if it's worth it. But gender neutrality, I am for it! It's great that someone noticed this,” - commented Berit van Dobbenburg.

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