Canberra people get rich

A resident of Canberra won $100,000 in the scratch lottery. Two weeks earlier, two of her compatriots also won the UK National Lottery and received a million dollars each.

The woman bought the winning scratch ticket for $5 at the Cooleman Court news agency. The woman came to her senses for several days and could not believe in her luck.

“To be honest, it seems completely incredible. I bought scratches regularly. But you don't even expect this to happen at all!” - She told the lottery representatives. - “I looked at the ticket for a very long time and looked for a catch. After a while, I gradually understand that this is all true. "

Canberra has welcomed many winners this month: on June 8, a local won the OzLotto draw for $10 million. And on June 5, a man from this city bought a ticket at the fair and won the Saturday Lotto. He received $1 million.

There are also winners in Canberra who are unaware of their winnings. An unknown person won 4.8 million dollars in the lottery but has not come to win for two months.

The last Canberra winner said she would save her $100,000 for better times. "Maybe I'll go on vacation. I would like to go to Africa, but this is too far."

Cooleman Court News Agency employee Nish Shah said this is the first winning lottery ticket they have sold at their agency. Shah thinks this is a good signal for the publication.

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