The Cabinet of Ministers named new rules for the gambling market

Now the concept of "equipment for gambling" is legal. And according to the bill on the gambling business must be certified. These are slot machines and tables, online gambling organizer systems, bet terminals, roulette balls, dice and even cards.

The Cabinet also explained how to obtain permission to conduct gambling. A document was published on the official website - the procedure for issuing a permit to conduct gambling. You can get it only after a special check. The owner of the casino premises will need to collect a lot of documents: an application, rights to the premises, a certificate of the establishment of a hotel of a certain category and a technical passport. If everything is in accordance with the norms, the Authorized Commission will issue a verdict within 5 days.

The Cabinet also published the technical regulations for gambling equipment. Machines or any other play equipment must comply with the requirements for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. It should be impossible for a person to get into the gaming equipment - so as not to "tweak" the machine for a certain result. Such requirements have been prescribed for each individual type of gambling equipment.

The news portal about games previously wrote about the bill on gambling business in Ukraine. All news can be found in a special section of the site.

Gambling business of Ukraine: The Gambling Market Regulatory Commission has already started work

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