Budget 2021: Where will the money from gambling licenses go?

The Ukrainian government plans to receive 7.4 billion hryvnas from gambling licenses in 2021. Such revenues are included in the state budget for the next year. This money will go to a special fund of the state budget.

With this money, they plan to finance five items of expenditure:

- 3.3 billion hryvnas will go to subventions to local budgets for social and economic development;

- 300 million hryvnas - for subventions to local budgets for the creation of cultural centers;

- 2 billion hryvnas - for the creation of the Fund for the development of institutions of national importance from the Ministry of Culture;

- 805 million hryvnas - for the creation of a modern clinical base for the treatment of oncological diseases at the National Cancer Institute;

- 1 billion hryvnas - for the development of airport infrastructure.

In Recall, on the official Facebook page of the Gambling Regulatory Commission, it was reported that the regulator plans to start issuing licenses by the end of December.

The gambling portal gamingpost.net monitors the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine. 

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