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The first to receive a license in Kyiv - the first to open. The Billionaire Casino at the InterContinental Hotel in the very center of Kyiv offers half a thousand square meters of gambling.

"The first who will meet the guest are the hostesses. They will register the guest and pass on all the necessary information. Then we see the guest straight to the hall," - says Anna Klimenko, hostess of the Billionaire casino.

"We have a slot hall in this room. There are slot machines, next to them are managers who will tell you which game to choose, the rules, pick the slot machine and advise on all issues," - adds Anna.

The Billionaire casino has 50 slot machines from the world's best manufacturers: IGT, EGT and Novomatic. The casino also has several VIP lounges. An individual approach to each guest and a premium level of service - this is the Billionaire feature, the company representatives say.

"When the Billionaire casino project was conceived, we chose the direction of the premium segment. The main feature is that our guests can get almost anything they want. We do not have a specific set of services and services. We have a guest's wishes, which we fulfill," - says Andrey Parkhomenko, client service director at Billionaire.

Vintage cognacs, wines, cigar card. And, of course, games - for every taste. In addition to slot machines, the Billionaire casino has 4 roulettes and 12 card tables.

"In our casino, you can play Russian poker, NovoPoker, Texas, Ultimate Texas, as well as Blackjack and American roulette," - explains Christina at the poker table.

Billionaire currently employs over 150 people. Some croupiers have come here from abroad. Christina worked in North Cyprus and returned to her homeland with the legalization of gambling.

"There is an opportunity for career growth, an opportunity to develop by working from home. Everything is different, of course, but learning new things is always interesting," - the dealer adds.

The staff learns not only the intricacies of games, but also languages. Billionaire welcomes foreign guests.

"At the casino you will be spoken to in the language that suits you. All staff speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and English. These are the main languages ​​used in our casino," - says hostess Anna.

"The question is not how many guests are expected. The question is who are we expecting. We are trying to occupy the premium segment, and we are waiting for the corresponding level of guests. We will not chase quantity. Likewise, we need guests who want quality service. We set this bar for ourselves. I hope we will remain the first in everything," - adds Andrey Parkhomenko, client service director of Billionaire.

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