Association GC-UA: interviews with founders

The main goal of GC-UA is to shape the voice of the market. The Association plans to attract the maximum number of interested participants: market operators, equipment manufacturers, affiliates, software manufacturers, media, experts. Artem Kuzmenko, partner of "ETERNA LAW", talks about this

“We have created an association to discuss and bring problematic issues of the gambling market to government bodies. Communicate, change the market and the regulatory framework for the better. Today several associations have been created in Ukraine. But there is not a single association where there would be a sufficiently large number of international operators who have been operating in other jurisdictions for decades and understand the specifics of the market and are ready to share their experience,” - says Artem Kuzmenko.

It is communication with international companies and operators that is one of the main advantages of GC-UA, says Denis Dzyubenko, director of SiGMA in the CIS.

“For 4 years I lived in Malta, surrounded by people who are professionally engaged in the gambling business. I understood how everything works for them, what they do, where they improve the system. When information appeared that Ukraine would legalize the gambling business, I returned to Ukraine to open a SiGMA office here. When the law was signed last year, I made the first event and realized that in addition to promoting the interests of SiGMA in Ukraine, I want to make the Ukrainian market work like European countries. I didn't think about creating an association then. I thought that there is experience in Europe that I can learn from. Then I started thinking about creating an organization. I know operators of the gambling market both here and abroad. The goal is to unite efforts, to invite experts from Europe to us to share their opinions. Naturally, we do not influence anything, but we can share our opinions. Now my main task is to show European operators that operating in Ukraine is possible, that you can invest your money in Ukraine, that you can open offices in Ukraine and not be afraid,” - says Denis Dzyubenko.

Denis Dzyubenko says that he is glad that various gambling associations are being created in Ukraine. And he does not see any conflicts of interest in working on one case.

“No organization in the world covers the whole market. If colleagues want to develop in their direction, I am glad that they are developing. Association members have the right to choose where to join. Everyone has a choice. We live in a country where people can choose. Will we have a conflict of interest? I do not think. We are all working to make the Ukrainian market white, beautiful, transparent and everyone is happy. It's just that each person has their tools. For some it is to be a media personality, for someone it is to know operators, providers, people, other regulators,” - says Denis Dzyubenko.

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