The absolute world heavyweight champion Alexander Usik goes to e-sports

Together with WePlay Esports, Alexander Usik plans to hold entire fighting tournaments under the leadership of the new WePlay Ultimate Fighting League (WUFL). Usyk will work on the organization of eSports tournaments with WePlay Esports managing partners Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov.

“Competitive gaming is popular today among a huge number of young people. It is also a promising area for investors. I spoke with Yura Lazebnikov and Oleg Krot, they said that the esports industry has its own peculiarities. And I decided to try myself in this business. Besides, I also once played games, and now I have returned to this hobby,” - said Alexander Usik.

Yuri Lazebnikov also states that new fighting games are being developed for a wider audience. Now the company is ready to offer spectacular and high-quality content for fighting game fans. Oleg Krot adds that the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League team will develop esports disciplines in this industry. WePlay plans to expand the market in North America.

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