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5 myths about Ukrainian gambling

We wanted to know, but were afraid to ask: 5 most popular stereotypes about the gambling business

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  • 2021-09-01 15:51
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Myth No.1: "Gambling is designed to take the last money from people"

Gambling has existed for centuries. Their original purpose is entertainment. Over time, avid gamblers have turned going to the casino or the racetrack into a way to make money. But it is not at all profitable for a legal gambling house to leave you penniless.

The legalization of the gambling market is important in the fight against the black market. According to unofficial data, during the gambling business ban in Ukraine, up to 5,000 slot machine halls, up to 2,000 betting points and about 20 underground casinos were working illegally.

By adopting the law on gambling, the Ukrainian state took responsibility for an unpopular decision, but necessary for qualitative changes in the economy.

The more gambling establishments buy licenses and earn "white", the less underground casinos will remain. According to the idea of ​​the authorities, law enforcement officers should also be interested in the fight against irregular migrants. For abuse of office, they can shine a term of six to eight years.

Myth No.2: "The casino is always cheating"

It is widely believed among people that all casinos are cheating. People are afraid to gamble in casinos - they think that this kind of entertainment is bound to bring problems.

The most popular stereotype about deceptive casinos is about slot machines. Many people think that slot machines “cheat on purpose”, so the machine does not allow the player to win. This is a myth - all slot machines in legal gambling establishments are certified. This means that the organizer of gambling is prohibited from changing the design or modification of the machines. For non-compliance with the requirements, operators face a fine of 6 million hryvnias.

Most often, this myth concerns online casinos.

Most illegal casinos offer their players to try a free game. When a user starts playing regularly and for money, he may have problems with the withdrawal of funds. Sometimes people are faced with frankly unfair play. It is important to understand that “gray” and “black” casinos do not have any obligations to you, therefore it is in their interests to make money on you.

Each casino licensing assumes a legal obligation towards its customers. The first thing you need to pay attention to is that an online casino has a license. Some casinos have foreign licenses, such as Curacao or Cyprus. To completely protect yourself from casino fraud, you should choose a casino licensed by the country in which you play.

When registering at a casino, you should also pay attention to the registration process. In an illegal casino, a user can register in just a few clicks. The legal operator makes sure that only those who do not have legal restrictions can gamble. Therefore, when registering, legal casinos can request passport data for validation, as well as check age.

You should also check the withdrawal process. A legal operator will provide you with simple and understandable withdrawal tools. An illegal casino will complicate the withdrawal by any means.

If you are faced with cheating at a casino, you are most likely playing with an illegal operator.

Myth No.3: "Children will lose their parents' money in slot machines"

From 2009 to 2020, gambling in Ukraine was banned. But teenagers could freely enter the underground gaming halls. After all, there was no talk of any control over the game on the black market. And it's even easier to enter an illegal online casino right from home. A couple of clicks on a laptop and phone - and the money from parental credit cards has already been spent on the game.

With the adoption of the new law, the state of affairs has changed. Legal operators require players to verify their identity and age. Only those who have reached the age of 21 can play at the casino, and lotteries and bets are available from the age of 18. It is unprofitable for the organizer of gambling to let a minor into a gambling establishment. For such a violation, a fine of 3 million hryvnia shines.

The distribution of winnings is also controlled by the age system. For this, the mechanism of the state online monitoring system will be used. This system will record every game played, bet or transaction made by all legal operators. In addition, there are certain requirements for advertising gambling - the placement and context of advertising will be limited. Thus, children and adolescents will not be able to participate in gambling until they reach the age of majority.

Myth No.4: "The number of addicted to games will increase in Ukraine"

After the ban on gambling in 2009, the number of casinos in the shadow market has grown exponentially. But at the same time, no one was involved in the fight against gambling addiction at the official level. After all, "no casino - no gambling addiction." With the advent of legal gambling establishments, the situation is already beginning to change. Licensed gambling organizers promote responsible gambling.

It is difficult for people suffering from gambling addiction to stop with a series of losses, they try to recoup and are left with nothing. The legal operator of the casino controls the process of the game. If the game is prolonged, the operator takes precautionary measures.

Every casino is required to comply with the Responsible Gaming Principle. To control people with addiction in Ukraine, an anonymous register has been created, which includes those who are prohibited from playing. A person himself can declare himself and sign up for the "black list" of a casino, or it can be done by family members of a gambler suffering from gambling addiction.

If a casino violates the rules of responsible gambling and admits a gambling addict, the institution will face a fine of 3 million hryvnias. Moreover, the competitiveness of the young gambling market in Ukraine largely depends on customer loyalty. Therefore, a conscientious operator will set limits on the games and will not allow the player to get involved.

Myth No.5: "The country will not receive taxes from gambling"

The state budget has already received more than a billion hryvnias from license fees alone. Half of this money will go to the development of sports, education, science, culture and medicine in Ukraine. The second half goes to those local budgets where casinos or slot machine halls are open.

The People's Deputies should resolve the issue of taxes for the gambling business in the fall. With the adoption of Law 2713-D, gambling establishments will pay tax - 10% of GGR (income from gambling minus paid winnings).

In addition to taxes, the budget will receive profits from fines from licensed gambling establishments. And these amounts reach 6 million hryvnias for one violation.

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5 myths about Ukrainian gambling News

5 myths about Ukrainian gambling

We wanted to know, but were afraid to ask: 5 most popular stereotypes about the gambling business

  • 2021-09-01 15:51
  • 9137
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