35 CS:GO players got banned for five years

Players from Australia were penalized for betting on the sweepstakes. 35 esportsmen representing the CS:GO discipline were suspended from games for a period of 1 to 5 years.

They got banned for games led by ESL, DreamHack, ESEA, BLAST, WePlay and others. According to official data, cybersportsmen made bets on their own team at one of the tournaments. Such actions are strictly prohibited by the rules of the championships. ESIC prohibits teams from placing bets to earn money on their own or someone else's victory.

Earlier, the organization published 5 categories of bans for professional esports players:

- bets on matches - sanctions are applied for 12 months;

- bets on their matches - sanctions for 24 months;

- bets on more than 10 matches - sanctions for 36 months;

- bets against own team - sanctions for 48 months;

- bets against own team more than 10 times - sanctions for 60 months.

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